HDMI USB AV VGA ATV LCD Controller Board for N156B3-L04 N156B3-L03 N156B3-L02



HDMI USB AV VGA ATV LCD Controller Board for N156B3-L04 N156B3-L03 N156B3-L02 1366X768
(Most Chinese sellers sell at low price but won’t provide tracking number; we do offer tracking number for each parcel, so please be confident in ordering!)

Condition: New
Suitable for N156B3-L04 N156B3-L03 N156B3-L02 1366X768 panel
Kindly note: Please be sure your LCD panel is the same N156B3-L04 N156B3-L03 N156B3-L02 1366X768 before ordering. If you have other similar LCD panels, please
advise the detailed LCD model no. for checking compatibility, thanks!

Package including:
1* SKR.03 controller Board
1*keypad for the controller with its cable
1*LVDS cable
1*inverter with cable

Panel Parameter:
Panel size: 15.6″
Resolution: 1366×768
Nominal input voltage VDD:+3.3V
Electrical Interface: LVDS
Backlight: LCD

1. Please make sure that your LCD is ok before you bid our item, or we will be not responsible for the incompatibility; all our items are carefully
tested before shipping.
2. No metal contact is allowed when powering on the controller board, otherwise short circuit may occur, which would further cause unavailability of the controller board
3. For large quantity, we can offer discounts; please contact us for details.

How the controller board is connected in LCD? Have a look at this:
Step 1: take away the old LVDS cable and old inverter from the LCD panel.
Step 2: connect our LVDS cable and inverter connector to the LVDS interface and backlight connector on your LCD panel.
Step 3: connect VGA cable/DVI cable to controller board and PC.
Step 4: input power of 12V,4A.

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