V.M70A VGA LVDS Controller Board work for 6.5inch ~19inch LCD Panel DIY monitor


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Item specifics
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Brand: NJYTouch
Input/Output Ports:VGA
Model: V.M70A
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
MPN: Does Not Apply
UPC: Does Not Apply
Condition: New
Function: Turning a bare LCD panel into a working screen.
Especially good for reusing old laptop LCD screen (in good condition, but mother board died)
LCD screen panel controller Board kit LVDS to VGA converter Wonderful trying to turn your laptop into a desktop monitor!
Panel Interface
Single/Double LVDS
1920×1080 and following
Panel power
3.3V 5V 12V
Power supply
Max current
Less than 100mA(without the panel)
Standby power consumption
OSD Language
S.Chinese, T.Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean (optional)
Key Board
General Description:
V.M70A is a LCD display driver board that can support 1920×1080 and the following resolution LCD panel. Product support DCR and can perfectly display 1920×1080 and following resolution.also can support audio amplification function which can output 2x1W sound power.
This LCD Controller board has a VGA port. It supports LCD displays with a LVDS interface. The max resolution that it supports is 1920×1080.
If you bid, please tell us the Display Model no. of your LCD, then we will check if it is compatible and choose suitable accessories for you.
The panel model no. can usually be found written on a sticker on the back of the LCD panel, and “SAMSUNG LTN150XF-L01” is an example.(disassemble it from its plastic shell and find the sticker)

More details of your LCD like the datasheet are welcome to send to us for further confirmation.
So your LCD model no. is essential for obtaining right accessories. Please advise when ordering!

Q: What is it used for?
A: These LCD controller kits are used to turn a bare LCD Panel component into an active monitor, provided that your LCD panel is in good condition.

Q: Can I use a controller kit for several different LCDs?
A: These boards are matched against one very specific LCD Panel and typically cannot be re-used for another panel – unless its specifications are exactly the same.If you are interested, a programmer could help your project on different LCDs, to change the firmware by yourself. And for this project, need different LVDS cables for different LCDs. You also could find LVDS cables in our store.

Q: What’s LCD panel model no.?
A: The panel model no. can usually be found written on a sticker on the back of the LCD panel, and “SAMSUNG LTN150XF-L01” is an example.
(disassemble it from its plastic shell and find the sticker)

Q: Is any solder thing needed if I buy this kit?
A: No. It is Plug_and_play.

1.If you pay much attention to resolution setting, please reconsider before bidding!
2 If you are not specialized in electronics or have any doubts in using, please contact us for user manual. We are irresponsible for wrong operation
Suitable power adapter (12V, 4A) is essential; if required, you could get one here:https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=njytouchshop&LH_PrefLoc=2&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=power+adapter&_sacat=0

How the controller board is connected in LCD? Have a look at this:
Step 1: take away the old LVDS cable and old inverter from the LCD panel.
Step 2: connect our LVDS cable and inverter connector to the LVDS interface and backlight connector on your LCD panel.
Step 3: connect VGA cable/DVI cable to controller board and PC.
Step 4: input power of 12V,4A.
For below panels, we can match a full set controller board kit with suitable inverter and LVDS cable for you.
Most of them have got OK positive feedback from our customers.Welcome to have a try!

Note: If your model no. is in list, please leave us a note about it when ordering. Thanks!

B154SW01 V.8 AU Optronics B170PW01 AU Optronics LP141X13(C2) LG&PHILIPS LTM150XH-L06 Samsung
B170UW01 V.0 AU Optronics B170PW03 AU Optronics LP141XA (A1) LG&PHILIPS LTN150x13-L03 Samsung
B170UW02 V0 AU Optronics B170PW03 V.0 AU Optronics LM150x08 (TL) (A1) LG&PHILIPS LTN150XB-L01 Samsung
M201EW02 V9 AU Optronics B170PW03 V.4 AU Optronics LP150x05 LG&PHILIPS LTN150XB-L03 Samsung
N154Z1-L02 Chi Mei B170PW04 V.0 AU Optronics LP150X06(A3) LG&PHILIPS LTN150XC-L01 Samsung
N154Z1-L02 Rev.C1 Chi Mei B170PW01 V.1 AU Optronics LP150X08 (A3) LG&PHILIPS LTN150XG-L06 Samsung
CLAA150PB0B03A CHUNGHWA B170PW02 AU Optronics LP150X08 (A5)(N1) LG&PHILIPS LTN154AT01 Samsung
HSD150PK14-A00 HannStar B170PW06 V.2 AU Optronics LP150x08(A2) LG&PHILIPS LTN154AT01-001 Samsung
HSD170ME13 HannStar B170PW06 V.3 AU Optronics LP150X08(A3) LG&PHILIPS LTN154AT07 Samsung
HSD190ME12 HannStar B170PW3 AU Optronics LP150X08(A3)(M1) LG&PHILIPS LTN154X1-L01 Samsung
TX41D56VC1CAA Hitachi B170PW01 V.0 AU Optronics LP150X08(A5) LG&PHILIPS LTN154X1-L02 Samsung
ITSX95E IBM B170PW03 V.1 AU Optronics LP150X08(A6) LG&PHILIPS LTN154X1-L03 Samsung
ITUX97H IBM B170PW03 V.3 AU Optronics LP150X08-A2 LG&PHILIPS LTN154X1-L04 Samsung
IAUX14P IDTech G084SN05 V3 AU Optronics LP150X08-TLA1 LG&PHILIPS LTN154X2-L02 Samsung
N150U3-L01 IDTech G104SN03 AU Optronics LP150X09 LG&PHILIPS LTN154X3-L01 Samsung
MT170EN01 Innolux G104SN03 V.0 AU Optronics LP150X09 (A5) (K1) LG&PHILIPS LTN154X3-L03 Samsung
LP150E02 (A2) LG&PHILIPS G121SN01 V1 AU Optronics lp150x09(b2) LG&PHILIPS LTN154x3-L05 Samsung
LP150E05 LG&PHILIPS G150XG03 V.1 AU Optronics LP150X2 (A2) LG&PHILIPS LTN154x3-L06 Samsung
LP150E05(A2)(K1) LG&PHILIPS L141X1-1A AU Optronics LP154W01 LG&PHILIPS LTN154X4 Samsung
LP150E06(A3)(K2) LG&PHILIPS M170EG01 AU Optronics LP154W01 (A1) LG&PHILIPS LTN154XA-L01 Samsung
LP150U03(A2)(P1) LG&PHILIPS M170EG01 VA AU Optronics LP154W01 (A3) LG&PHILIPS LTN154XB-L01 Samsung
LP150U1-A2 LG&PHILIPS M170EN04 AU Optronics LP154W01 (A3)(K1) LG&PHILIPS LTN160AT02 Samsung
LP154WU1 (A1) LG&PHILIPS M190Ea02 V.0 AU Optronics LP154W01 (TL) (AJ) LG&PHILIPS LTM170E6-L04 Samsung
LP154WU1 (TL) (C1) LG&PHILIPS M190EG01 AU Optronics LP154W01 (TL) (E1) LG&PHILIPS LTM170EH-L01 Samsung
LP154WU1(TL)(A1) LG&PHILIPS M190EG02 AU Optronics LP154W01 (TL)(AE) LG&PHILIPS LTM170EU-L01 Samsung
LP154WU1 (TL)(B1) LG&PHILIPS M190EN03 AU Optronics LP154W01 (TL)(B6) LG&PHILIPS LTN170WA-L01 Samsung
LP154WU1(TL)(A2) LG&PHILIPS M190EN04 AU Optronics LP154W01 (TL)(D1) LG&PHILIPS LTN170WX-L01 Samsung
LP154WU1-A1 LG&PHILIPS M190EN04 V5 AU Optronics LP154W01(A5) LG&PHILIPS LTN170WX-L03 Samsung
LP154WU1-TL A2 LG&PHILIPS M190PW01 AU Optronics LP154W01(A5)(K2) LG&PHILIPS LTN170WX-L05 Samsung
LP154WU2(TL)(A2) LG&PHILIPS M190PW01 V0 AU Optronics LP154W01(TL)(A2) LG&PHILIPS LTN170X2-L02 Samsung
LP171W02 (A4) LG&PHILIPS HT12x21 BOE LP154W01(TL)(D4) LG&PHILIPS LTN170X2-L03 Samsung
LP171WU1 (A4)(K5) LG&PHILIPS HT13x21-220 BOE LP154WX4 LG&PHILIPS LTM190EX-L01 Samsung
LP171WU1 (TL)(A5) LG&PHILIPS HT14x13-L02 BOE LP154WX4 (TL)(B2) LG&PHILIPS LTM190M2-L31 Samsung
LP171WU1(A4)(K2) LG&PHILIPS HT14x19-l00 BOE LP154WX4 TLC3 LG&PHILIPS M190A1-P02 Samsung
LP171WU1TL)(B2) LG&PHILIPS G133I1-L02 Chi Mei LP154WX4-TLC5 LG&PHILIPS TD170WGCB3 Samsung
LP171WU1-A4-K4 LG&PHILIPS N141I3-L02 Chi Mei LP154WX4-TLCB LG&PHILIPS TD141TGCB1 Samsung
LQ150U1LA03 Sharp N141L1-L02 Chi Mei LP156WH1 LG&PHILIPS 150XB-L01-00R5 Samsung
LQ150U1LH22 Sharp N141l1-L03 Rev. C1 Chi Mei LP156WH1(TL)(A1) LG&PHILIPS LQ12X54 Sharp
LQ150U1LW03 Sharp N141X101 Chi Mei LM170E01 LG&PHILIPS LQ133X1LH27 Rev.8 Sharp
LQ154M1LW02 Sharp N150x2-L01 Chi Mei LM170E01 (A) LG&PHILIPS LQ13X02C Sharp
LQ154M1LW12 Sharp N150X3 -L05 Chi Mei LM170E03-TLG1 LG&PHILIPS LQ150X1LH52 Sharp
LQ154M1LWO2 Sharp N15412-L02 Rev.C1 Chi Mei LP171W01(A4) LG&PHILIPS LQ150X1LH62 Sharp
LQ170M1LA04 Sharp N154C1-L02 Chi Mei LP171W01(A4)(K1) LG&PHILIPS LQ150X1LH82 Sharp
LQ170M1LA2E Sharp N154I1-L07 Rev.C2 Chi Mei LP171WP4 LG&PHILIPS LQ150X1LS91 Sharp
LQ170M1LA3C Sharp N154i1-L09 C1 Chi Mei LP171WP4 (TL) (B1) LG&PHILIPS M150XN07 Sharp
LQ170M1LA4B Sharp N154I1-LOC Chi Mei LP171WP4 (TL) (B3) LG&PHILIPS LTD104EA5W Toshiba
LQ170M1LA4G Sharp N154I2-L02 Chi Mei LP171WP4 (TL)(03) LG&PHILIPS LTD121EX1S Toshiba
LTN141P1-L01 Samsung N154I2-L02 rev. c1 Chi Mei LP171WP4 (TL)(B4) LG&PHILIPS LTD121EXVV Toshiba
LTN141P2-L01 Samsung N170C2-L02 Chi Mei LP171WP4-TL02 LG&PHILIPS LTM09C362F Toshiba
LTN141P4-L01 Samsung N170C2-L02 Rev.C2 Chi Mei LP171WP4(TL)(B1) LG&PHILIPS LTM12C268E Toshiba
LTN150P2-L01 Samsung M170E5 L09 Rev C1 Chi Mei LP171WP4(TL)(B5) LG&PHILIPS LTM14C421 Toshiba
LTN150P2-L03 Samsung M190A1 Chi Mei LP171WP4(TL)(N2) LG&PHILIPS TD141TGCB2 Toppoly
LTN150P4-L02 Samsung M190A1-L01 Chi Mei LP171WP4(TL)(R2) LG&PHILIPS TD141TGCD1 Toppoly
LTN150PG-L02 Samsung M190E3-L0A Chi Mei LP171WP6 LG&PHILIPS TM121SV-02103A Torisan
LTN150PG-L03 Samsung CLAA141XC01 CHUNGHWA LP171WU1(TL)(03) LG&PHILIPS TM121XG-02L02 Torisan
LTN154P1-L01 Samsung CLAA150XH01 CHUNGHWA LP171WX2 (A4)(K5) LG&PHILIPS TM121XG-02L02D Torisan
LTN154P1-L02 Samsung CLAA150XP01 CHUNGHWA LP171WX2 (A4)(K1) LG&PHILIPS TS104SAALC01-00 V.2.0 TIANMA
LTN154P1-L03 Samsung CLAA154WA01 CHUNGHWA LP171WX2 (A4)(K9) LG&PHILIPS QD15TL07 REV:02 Quanta
LTN154P1-L04 Samsung CLAA154WA01A CHUNGHWA LP171WX2 (TL)(A1) LG&PHILIPS QD141X1LH03 Quanta
LTN154U1-L01 Samsung CLAA154WA02 CHUNGHWA LP171WX2(A4) LG&PHILIPS QD141X1LH03 rev a Quanta
LTN154U1-L02 Samsung CLAA154WA05 CHUNGHWA LP171WX2(TL)(A2) LG&PHILIPS QD141X1LH06 Quanta
LTN170U1-L01 Samsung CLAA154WA05A CHUNGHWA LP171WX2(TL)(A3) LG&PHILIPS QD141X1LH12 Quanta
LTN170WP-L02 Samsung CLAA154WA05A V1 CHUNGHWA LM190E03(B4)(N2) LG&PHILIPS QD14TL01 Rev.03 Quanta
LTN170WU-L02  Samsung CLAA154WB05A CHUNGHWA LM190E03(B4)(N9) LG&PHILIPS QD14WL01 Quanta
LTN184HT03-001 Samsung CLAA154WB05AN CHUNGHWA LM190WX11 LG&PHILIPS QD14XL07 Quanta
LTN190w1 Samsung CLAA170EA07Q CHUNGHWA SVA170SX01 NEC QD15TL01 Quanta
LTN190w1-L02 Samsung HSD121PS11 HannStar NL10276BC20-04 NEC QD15TL02 Quanta
LTD121KM2M Toshiba HSD141PX11-A (Rev:1) HannStar NL10276BC30-24D NEC QD15TL02 Rev.02 Quanta
TM150SP-02L02 TORISAN HSD150PX14 HannStar LTN106W1-L01 Samsung QD15TL02 Rev.04 Quanta
B121EW03 V3 AU Optronics HSD150PX14-A HannStar LTN121AT02 Samsung QD15TL02 Rev.06 Quanta
B121EW03 V8 AU Optronics HSD150Px14-A(REV.O) HannStar LTN121X1-L01 Samsung QD15TL02 Rev:03 Quanta
B133EW01 V4 AU Optronics HSD150PX14-A02 HannStar LTN121x1-L02 Samsung QD15TL03 Quanta
B140EW01 AU Optronics HSD170MGW1-A00 HannStar LTN121XF-L01 Samsung QD15TL03 Rev.04 Quanta
B141EW02 AU Optronics HSD170MGW1-B00 HannStar LTN121XJL03 Samsung QD15TL07 Quanta
B141EW04 AU Optronics TX31D65VC1CAA Hitachi LT121SS-121 Samsung QD15TL07 Rev2 Quanta
B141XG03 AU Optronics TX36D79VC1CAB Hitachi LTD133EXZX Samsung QD15XL06 Quanta
B141XG08 AU Optronics TX36D81VC1CAC Hitachi LTN140W1-L01 Samsung QD15TL02 rev 02 Quanta
B141XG03 V.2 AU Optronics TX39D30VC1GAA Hitachi LTN141W1-L04 Samsung QD17EL07 Quanta
B141XN04 V2 AU Optronics TX39D80 Hitachi LTN141W1-L05 Samsung QD17TL02 Rev.06 Quanta
B150XG01 AU Optronics TX39D80VC1GAA Hitachi LTN141WD-L01 Samsung QDI N15W REV:4 Quanta
B150XG01 V.2 AU Optronics TX39D87VC1FAA Hitachi LTN141WD-L07 Samsung QD15TL02 rev02 Quanta
B150XG01 V.7 AU Optronics IAXG15S IBM LTN141WD-L07 (B) Samsung UB141X01-5 Unipac
B150XG02 AU Optronics IAXG02C  IDTech LTN141X8-L00 Samsung B141XN03 V.0  Unipac
B150XG02 V.1 AU Optronics LC121S1 LG&PHILIPS LTN141X8-L02 Samsung LM151X05 LG&PHILIPS
B154EW01 V.9 AU Optronics LP121X04(C2) LG&PHILIPS LTN141XA-L01 Samsung LM151X05(A3)(C1) LG&PHILIPS
B154EW01 AU Optronics LP121X4 (C2) LG&PHILIPS LTN141XB-L01 Samsung AA104VC08 Mitsubishi
B154EW02 AU Optronics LP133WX1(TL)(A1) LG&PHILIPS LTN141XB-L02 Samsung NL6448bc20-06 NEC
B154EW04 AU Optronics LP133WX1(TL)(N2) LG&PHILIPS LTN141XC-L01 Samsung NL6448bc26-01 NEC
B154EW04 V.2 AU Optronics LP133WX1-TLB1 LG&PHILIPS LTN141XF-L01 Samsung NL6448BC33-59 NEC
B154EW08 AU Optronics LP133x7(C2CC) LG&PHILIPS LTN141XF-L03 Samsung NL8060AC26-11 NEC
B154EW08 V.1 AU Optronics LP133X8 LG&PHILIPS LTN141XF-L05 Samsung HLD1026-011150 Panasonic
B154PW01 AU Optronics LP133X8 A2AC LG&PHILIPS LT141X2-124 Samsung LQ10D367 Sharp
B154EW04 V.8 AU Optronics LP141WP1 LG&PHILIPS LT141X4-156 Samsung LQ10D368 Sharp
B154EW04 V.B (REV:03) AU Optronics LP141WP1(TL)(A1) LG&PHILIPS LT141X7 Samsung LT121S1-101 Samsung
B154EW02 V.1 AU Optronics LP141WX1 LG&PHILIPS LT141X7-122 Samsung LT121S1-153 Samsung
B154EW02 V.7 AU Optronics LP141WX1(TL)(A1) LG&PHILIPS LT150X3-126 Samsung LT121S1-L05 Samsung
B154PW01 V1 AU Optronics LP141WX1(TL)(A2) LG&PHILIPS LTM150HX-L01 Samsung TM121SV-02L01 Torisan
B089AW01 LED
Note: We promise to input the corresponding program into the controller board for you and try our best to select the right LVDS cable and inverter for you. But because we don’t have an exact LCD as yours at hand, sometimes we can just test the controller using our own LCD to see if it works. For yours, you have to test it yourself to see if it works well in your LCD. As we all know, there are too many LCDs with many varieties in the market; though our controller boards are compatible, sometimes we can’t promise the exact compatibility. Please think about it before bidding! Nevertheless, we’ve got many positive feedbacks from our customers who bought the LCD controller boards from us. Just take a try, you’ll get surprise!

Package includes: A V.M70A controller, a suitable LVDS cable, a suitable inverter and a 5-key keypad.


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